Baileys Paddock Lick Plus

This vitamin and mineral lick stone, with a small amount of molasses added, is designed to meet the higher nutritional needs of horses used for breeding and young horses, as well as competitive horses and horses. Hobbies. When it is put at the disposal of the horses in the meadow so that they can access it freely, this licking stone allows all the horses of a group to supplement their ration as they wish. Its unique advanced formula contains chelated minerals ( Bioplex™), with a good proportion of protected copper and zinc - vital elements for the development of bones and tendons. Its formulation also contains an essential amino acid, lysine, which is an important element for the development of muscles, along with seaweed meal and oils rich in Omega fatty acids, to optimize the state of the dress. All these inputs are particularly important to ensure satisfactory growth and performance. 

Paddock Lick Plus lick stone is prepared to compensate for the mineral deficiencies often found in pastures, but it is equally suitable for stable horses that consume dehydrated or fermented fodder, such as hay or forage. silage, which contain amounts of essential nutrients lower than those of fresh forage consumed in pastures.



Molasses, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, calcined magnesite, algae meal, magnesium phosphate, L-lysine, wheat husk, fish oil, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, yeast, natural flavor, vitamins and oligo -Elements


SELENIUM 15mg / kg
COPPER 4,000mg / kg
ZINC 5,500mg / kg