Baileys Alfalfa Plus Oil

Alfalfa Plus Oil is pure high-temperature dried chopped alfalfa with a generous coating of soya oil, which brings the overall oil content up to 11.5% and gives it an increased energy content equivalent to that of some conditioning or competition feeds.  With its high digestible fibre content and extra oil, it is an excellent option for adding slow release calories to a horse‚Äôs diet and, as alfalfa is naturally high in quality protein, it can also help build muscle and top line. 
Alfalfa Plus Oil contains no added sugar or molasses and is low starch so is ideal for horses whose starch intake needs to be controlled, whilst still requiring calories for performance or condition, like those prone to laminitis or tying-up.  It is also particularly suitable as a partial forage replacement when forage has been identified as being nutritionally poor and the horse in question is not a good-doer.



Dried Alfalfa, Soya Oil


  • Digestible Energy                 12.5MJ/kg
  • Protein                                        15%
  • Oil                                                  11.5%
  • Fibre                                             30%
  • Ash                                                9%
  • Starch                                          3%
  • Sugar                                            2.5%
  • Starch And Sugar Values Can Fluctuate By The Nature Of The Natural Ingredients.