Badminton Country Sheep Nuts 20kg

Country Sheep Nuts

A fully balanced, easy-to-feed ration for sheep of all ages.

  • Highly digestible micronised wheat and fibre sources provide energy to meet the increased requirements of pregnant and lactating ewes and to promote condition.
  • The vitamin and mineral profile includes bioavailable Bioplex® zinc and Sel-Plex® selenium.
  • Can easily be softened in water to tempt lambs, sick animals or older sheep with poor dentition.

Feeding Recommendations 

  • Introduce Country Sheep Nuts carefully, as soon as they show an interest, and increase to a maximum of 0.5kg per head per day.
  • Ewes and rams may be fed from 0.5 – 0.75kg of cubes or mix per day.
  • Working rams are best fed up to 1.5kg of Pedigree Sheep Mix per day.
  • In-lamb and lactating ewes should be fed 0.5 – 1.25kg per day.


Wheatfeed, Wheat, Grass Meal, Soya Bean Meal Extract, Molasses, Sunflower Meal Extract, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Vitamins and Minerals, Soya Oil.

Analytical Constituents

  • Protein 18%
  • Oil 4%
  • Fibre 9.5%
  • Ash 7%